Land Rover’s Defender Electric is Stylish and Capable

land rover defender electric

Land Rover has a defender electric that’s both stylish and capable.

It’s not quite a go-anywhere off-roader like the original gas-powered models, but it’s a surprisingly comfortable and easy-to-drive SUV that’s also pretty good for lugging stuff around town. The defender electric isn’t actually available for sale yet but it could be headed to showrooms in 2025, according to a report from British outlet Auto Express.

The land rover defender electric is set to be built on Land Rover’s new MLA platform, which can incorporate both ICE and fully electric powertrains. The company has already used the platform to create a number of high-end Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models.

This is a big step forwards for a brand that’s traditionally viewed as more of an off-road specialist than an actual utility vehicle.

Vintage Charm: Exploring the Enduring Popularity of Land Rover Defender Classics”

Fortunately, the defender electric manages to combine those strengths in a way that feels more comfortable than any previous model. The ride is a smooth and well-balanced mixture of wallowy and lumpy, and the steering is incredibly direct for an off-roader.

Its brake pedal is a little pillowy, but the calipers come on with consistency and bite. This PHEV doesn’t have any of the same issues that its petrol counterparts do, so you can modulate it easily and feel confident that your brakes will hold up in tough terrain.

The defender electric will also come with a host of other features, including the ability to fold down the rear seats for more space in the cargo area. It will also have a stadium-rise feature for better visibility when loading items in the rear. It will be available with a three-zone climate control system and Privacy Glass, and it comes standard with all of the latest safety features.

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