Leo Horoscope Dates

leos horoscope dates

Leos are incredibly passionate and energetic, and they are usually attracted to partners who are just as passionate and energetic. Typically, they are also quite independent and assertive, so a partner who has these traits is a good choice for them. But since this type of personality tends to have high standards, they will need someone who appreciates their independence and is on the same intellectual level as them.

Leos are naturally competitive, and they like to be the center of attention. But in reality, they secretly despise themselves. Their charm is a deliberate way to compensate for their insecurity. They also enjoy people who are carefree and spontaneous. In addition, they like a bit of chaos to counteract their tendency toward order.

Leos are extremely social and are good at flirting. However, they don’t like to be teased or treated rudely. They don’t like to be hurt or made to cry. They are also very self-centered and arrogant, and won’t compromise during arguments.

Single leos horoscope dates should be careful with their dating lives. They should avoid compromising their self-esteem and self-confidence. They need a partner with the same ideals. They should also make sure they spend money wisely. While they are loyal and generous, they are not always good with money.

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