$99 oz Canada

$99 oz Canada is the new go to way to purchase large quantities of cannabis online in Canada for a very affordable price. House Of Shrooms is great news for anyone looking to enjoy a variety of strains, experience different effects and share with friends without blowing their budget.

Shroom Sessions: Inside the Healing Rituals of House of Shrooms

It is important to remember that not all $99 oz deals are created equal. Some may sell out quickly and others will offer a premium bud grade that is far above what you would typically expect for this price point. It is best to check back periodically and if you see an ounce deal you are interested in grab it!

The weed grading for this deal is often one step above shake and trim. The trichomes are very high which means the THC levels will also be very high. If you are looking for a premium sativa, hybrid or indica this is the perfect deal for you.

Herb Approach is a popular online dispensary that has a page dedicated to their deals by the ounce. They are currently running a deal for a $99 oz of their organic Shazam sativa, greenhouse-grown and this is a deal you can’t beat. Haute Health are another online store that regularly offers cheap ounces of high-quality weed and concentrates (such as shatter and live resin). They are coupon code fans and also have daily ounce specials to help you save even more.

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