Why You Should Get Your Septic Tank Pumped

Keeping up with Jacksonville, FL keeps the system functional, which increases the home’s value. Potential buyers will be more willing to invest in your property, knowing it’s well maintained and free of sewage damage. It also prevents odors and keeps the environment healthy.

The Septic Tank Pumping Process Explained

A septic system works by sorting household waste. Solid waste settles to the bottom of the tank, while lighter materials float to the top. Over time, solids build up in the septic tank, reducing the amount of space available for new wastewater to enter. This can lead to clogs, overflow, and environmental contamination. Pumping the septic tank reduces the buildup and helps prevent costly repairs.

When you get your septic tank pumped, professionals will come to the house with a truck that has a large tank and giant suction hose attached to it. They’ll drain the tank quickly, then store and transport it to a sewage processing site for safe disposal.

You can help prepare for septic tank pumping by making sure the septic tank is easily accessible. It’s a good idea to install risers from the central access port and inspection ports to the soil surface. Also, be sure to keep trees and other long-rooted plants away from the absorption field, as their roots can grow into septic pipes and cause clogs.

You should never attempt to drain your septic tank yourself. The job is dangerous and requires special equipment. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can end up destroying your septic tank and other components of the septic system.
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