Get a NACE Inspection

Get a NACE Inspection

There are many reasons to get a NACE Inspection. If you are thinking Inspection Nace – Tankpro about getting a coating or resurfacing job done, you might want to get your work inspected by a professional. NACE Inspection is the best option for quality work, so if you’re in the market for one, consider getting a NACE coating inspector. These professionals are trained to inspect various types of materials, including steel, aluminum, concrete, and more.

The Merrick Group has a NACE Certified Coating inspector to ensure that the coating system is applied according to specifications. NACE Certified Coating Inspectors have extensive experience in coatings applications and report findings to the client. They are trained to work under the close supervision of a PaDEP certified tank inspector. For an added layer of protection, you can also choose a NACE Inspection company that uses only certified NACE inspectors. You can find more information about NACE certification at Surehand.

In order to become certified by NACE, you must have the appropriate training and education. You need to have completed a college degree, preferably in a science or math subject. You can also choose to complete a Cathodic Protection Specialist course, which requires two years of post-high school education. However, to get NACE certification, you should also have completed college courses in algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. The salary range for a NACE-certified worker depends on the type of certification and location. An inspector with this certification may earn up to $19500 per year, while the national average is $58,550.

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