Fleet Management and the Risk of Vehicle Fatigue

driver fatigue monitoring

With the growing importance of satellite navigation systems in vehicles, many manufacturers are developing technologies to incorporate driver fatigue alerts into existing systems. These alert systems work by sending a text message or an email to the vehicle’s owner if the driver fails to meet a minimum required driving time. The messages can also be sent to a cellular phone or personal computer. Most systems are easy to install and can be integrated with other automotive devices such as odometers and fuel monitors. Most of these alerts provide vehicle information such as speed, distance, direction and other vehicle data that can be important for a safe driver to meet their obligation to safely drive a vehicle.


Vehicle risk management is one important application of driver fatigue monitoring. Since the number of drivers on a fleet is always fluctuating, a vehicle risk management system can easily detect when too many drivers are being logged onto the system. This will cause an automatic message to be sent to the driver commanding them to take a break. The automatic reminder is sent two or three times a week depending on the size of the fleet. If the driver fails to comply, the alert is again sent to the driver and this cycle continues until the proper driver rest is taken.


Fleet managers can use driver fatigue monitoring to find out which drivers are taking too much time driving and adjust their driving time to match the optimum performance level for the vehicle. This is especially useful in large fleets, where a small error in judgment or poor performance can cause a huge delay in a driver’s journey. A simple algorithm alerts the fleet manager when a driver is not meeting the required minimum driving time. This can greatly reduce the delays in a production line as the crew can return to the production floor with the required products and start working again. These alerts can also be sent to the company’s central control system or directly to the drivers.

How to Tell the Difference Between a Good Quality Sleeping Pillow and a Cheap One

A quality sleeping pillow can be used as both a companion to a good mattress or to replace a worn mattress as your primary bedding piece. Many people don’t realize the many benefits a quality sleeping pillow can provide. They simply buy one that is cheap or uncomfortable, jumps into bed, and immediately finds themselves tossing and turning in their sleep. But what if you could take a quick peek inside of your sleeping bag or on your bed before you get into bed? If the cover isn’t too bulky, or offers adequate padding, you might not be able to tell the difference between a cheap cover and a superior one. Check out.

sleeping pillow

How to Tell the Difference Between a Good Quality Sleeping Pillow and a Cheap One

Perhaps you already have a sleeping pillow but are unhappy with its design or the way it covers your spine. Just as many sleeping pillows do not properly support your spine, so do some pillows that don’t properly fit your body shape or size. Only the innovative new Sleep Pillow properly supports your body while you change position, so you sleep more naturally throughout the night.

The biggest complaint about typical pillows is that they don’t offer a proper neck support, so you end up with the typical-sized pillowcase pressing hard on your neck while you sleep. Some pillows come with removable fabric pads that allow you to change the position of your head to find the most comfortable sleeping position. If you already have a neck support pillow, why not make it an even better one by adding a neck pad? There are several different neck support pillows on the market today, but the best ones feature a built-in pillow shank, which will contour to the curve of your neck.

Folding Tables Perth Is Ideal For Business Purposes

folding tables perth

Folding tables Perth is one of the most sought after products in the market today. They are very practical if you are running a business that requires people to be on the move from time to time, or you have customers that come from different places and you need to cater for everyone. When you set up a business, you tend to invest in a lot of things that you would not normally purchase again. For example, purchasing furniture is out of the question since you will only use it once. This also applies to other equipment like computer desks and so on. But when you decide to purchase folding tables, they can be used multiple times as they can be stored compactly when not in use.


The other good thing about them is that they are lightweight which makes it easy to transport and even carry them around. Even though they may cost more than their stationary counterparts, you will find that this investment is worth it as they prove to be useful to your business. One of the main purposes of folding tables is to provide an extra space where you can arrange your customers’ items and you can do this safely without having to create a mess. They are also ideal for home use as you can keep them in the garage and they are also safe for kids to play around on as they do not pose a threat to them. They can be placed in your office and you can use them whenever you have clients visiting.


You will definitely get your money’s worth once you purchase folding tables Perth. They are made from durable materials and can withstand heavy weight. As long as you maintain them regularly, they can serve you for many years. This makes them a worthwhile investment and one of the best purchases you can make if you run a business.