What Is a Temporary Agency?

A temporary agency is a business that matches employers with workers who have the skills needed to fulfill short-term jobs. It acts as a go-between, taking on the responsibility of screening and interviewing candidates, paying hourly wages and handling payroll tax deductions. It also provides a range of other services, such as background checks and drug testing. Temp agencies offer an alternative to traditional in-house hiring processes, which often include multiple rounds of interviews and can be time-consuming.

EU workers interim batiment agencies have large pools of workers who can fill most basic job positions. Those positions may require no special schooling or degrees, such as office work or production line duties. The agency works out contracts with clients that specify the types of workers required, the cost paid per hour of work and other details. The agency then draws workers with the necessary skills from its pool and sends them to the client company.

Temporary Agencies in Burgundy for Short-Term Jobs

Some temp agencies serve highly specialized fields, providing workers such as computer help deck employees or natural gas pipeline safety engineers. Others have a more generalized focus, providing workers such as paralegals or project managers.

Temp agencies typically have a high turnover rate. The reason is that most jobs with a temp agency are not full-time positions, which means the workers aren’t incentivized to do well. It can be frustrating for companies who are looking to hire a new worker for the job at hand. The good news is that there are some temp-to-hire placements that allow an employer to evaluate an employee’s performance before making a permanent hire.

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