Buying a Commercial Dehydrator uk Online at Mitchell & Cooper

Whether you’re creating healthy snacks for your staff or simply preserving seasonal produce, using a commercial dehydrator uk is a smart and efficient way to preserve food whilst retaining taste and nutrition. Suitable for use in all types of catering establishments, you’ll find a wide selection of commercial dehydrators online at Mitchell & Cooper including the Excalibur 10 Tray Digital Dehydrator and the HotmixPRO Dry, both of which have been designed to be easy to clean and maintain.

Quality Assurance: Finding the Best Dehydrator for UK Consumers

Most models have trays which can be removed or swapped for extra capacity, as well as options to add mesh sheets for smaller items like herbs and blueberries. Some even come with a drip tray that doubles as a fruit leather maker. Other useful features include timers, ideal for a busy professional kitchen as they mean chefs won’t have to worry about the machine being left switched on, saving you money on electricity costs.

A good commercial dehydrator uk will be able to dehydrate a variety of ingredients, from meats to herbs. Foods high in water content, like fruits and vegetables, can be dehydrated at a higher temperature, while more delicate and herb-rich foods, such as fish and seafood, are better suited to lower temperatures of around 40 degrees C. You’ll also find a range of accessories available, including stainless steel trays, silicone drying mats and mesh screens for small items. All of these can be purchased individually or as part of a comprehensive accessory pack.

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