Native Smokes – Cultural Sensitivity and Abstinence

For thousands of years, native cigarettes Americans smoked tobacco in a sacred way that was often accompanied by a prayer, dance or song. This is a far different experience than that of the average smoker, which is why it can be difficult to encourage Natives to quit smoking altogether. But harm reduction approaches like encouraging the use of smokeless tobacco may offer a solution that combines abstinence with cultural sensitivity and respect for traditional tobacco.

Indigenous communities in Canada can produce and sell tobacco products without having to pay federal and provincial taxes, which is what makes native cigarettes more affordable. However, exact pricing can vary depending on specific regional regulations and agreements between indigenous communities and governing authorities.

Native Smokes: Exploring Options and Varieties

While a small number of respondents in the study viewed the Native imagery on the packaging as cultural misappropriation, most said that they were less likely to believe that the cigarettes were natural or additive-free, and that the Native images might actually lead them to continue smoking. This could be counterproductive to the efforts of those trying to reduce the rates of tobacco-related diseases among Natives, as it would discourage Native smokers from switching over to a healthier alternative.

It is also important to note that while purchasing native smokes online can be convenient, the process can sometimes require additional time and effort than buying from a physical store. This is because customers may have to make multiple payments, verify their identity and address, and potentially wait for a shipment. Despite these drawbacks, the convenience of online shopping can be an attractive option for many people.

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