The Orange and Black Flag

Civil war flags for sale of the asexual community in 2010, the orange and black flag represents asexuality, ambisexuality, demisexuality and intersex identities. The circle in the center of the flag represents wholeness and the colors of the stripes represent different aspects of asexuality: black represents asexuality, gray represents neutrality and the color purple represents community.

The black-and-orange flag is a mechanical instruction given to drivers in Formula 1 to pit immediately. It usually indicates that the car has sustained damage, such as a loose part on its bodywork or an engine problem. The instruction to stop is followed by an order for the driver to come in to the pits to have the trouble fixed before continuing the race.

Decoding the Black and Gray American Flag: Symbolism and Interpretations

When the flag is displayed, the driver should follow all FIA safety rules. The flag is used if the damage cannot be repaired by the time allowed during a stoppage and would otherwise result in a disqualification. This was the case in the 2022 US Grand Prix, when Haas team driver Kevin Magnussen received the flag at races in Canada, Hungary and Singapore for damage to his front wing endplate that left it waving.

The first combined Orange and Black Flag event was held in March of 2021 at the R-2508 range complex and Nevada Test and Training Range, or NTTR. The event focused on advanced technology integration, such as Kill Web integration, HH-60G Pave Hawk air-to-air survivability and tactics development for legacy and emerging JADC2 capabilities.

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