Comprehensive Bund Lining Solutions

comprehensive bund lining solutions

Comprehensive bund lining solutions are required in many industrial and commercial applications to protect primary and secondary containment tanks, bases and structures. These lining systems can come in a variety of products and system build-ups – each with their own specific advantages and disadvantages. Having access to independent expert advice is very important at the outset of any project. The right advice can help to ensure that the correct type of proven Bund Lining system is selected for your project, then professionally installed with all necessary onsite Quality Control procedures followed.

Many brick/concrete built bunds are now required to be lined in order to offer full chemical and fuel spillage containment and protection for ground contamination prevention in the event of a tank failure. In most cases the liquids stored within these types of bunds are toxic and a significant risk to both people and the environment, especially when a large tank fails catastrophically.

Holistic Containment: The Power of Comprehensive Bund Lining Solutions

Concrete and brick bunds are inherently porous which allows a significant level of chemical ingress into and through the structure. This in turn can cause the bund to deteriorate significantly, thus increasing the potential for leaks and spillages of dangerous chemicals.

There are several GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) based systems that can provide comprehensive chemical-resistant bund lining. These are spray applied, are elastic and fully bonded to concrete so can be detailed around pipe fittings and fixed plants. These systems are typically less expensive than polyethylene or epoxy and are highly durable. They can also be installed much quicker than alternative methods.

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