Personal Injury Attorney in Independence

When a person sustains a serious injury due to someone else’s wrongful actions, a compensation award could help him or her make life more comfortable in the future. But a successful claim requires careful work by an experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Independence. An attorney could gather medical documents, witness statements, and other evidence to prove that a victim suffered substantial losses. They can also show how the injury affects a family’s financial security.Learn

The legal team of Lourenco & Linville, P.C., helps individuals claim damages for accidents caused by truckers and other drivers in Independence. Its practitioners analyze the cause of the accident and identify the parties liable for it. They provide clients with a full medical evaluation, and they enlist experts in accident reconstruction and forensics engineering to support their testimonies.

From Accident to Advocacy: A Personal Injury Attorney’s Role in Independence, MO

A lawyer can help victims obtain the maximum amount of damages for their injuries. For example, he or she can determine whether the injured person will need future medical treatment, and if so, how much that care will cost. He or she can also ensure that the insurance company does not attempt to persuade the victim into accepting a low-ball settlement.

A person can file a civil suit by complying with the state’s statute of limitations. The deadline may vary by case, so he or she should consult a legal firm as soon as possible. The staff at Burger Law has experience with a variety of injury cases and will fight to get the maximum compensation for the victim.