Detroit Speakeasy Bars

Detroit speakeasy

A speakeasy is a place where you can enjoy drinks and eats in a hidden location. In Detroit, there are plenty of speakeasy-style bars where you can get a little lost in the evening while having a great time.

Located in the financial Detroit distillery, The Shelby is a bar tucked away in the vault of a restored bank building. It is cozy and intimate, and serves up a mix of inventive cocktails and shared plates.

The menu includes starters like oxtail soup with roasted corn, jalapenos and fresh tomatoes; and heartier dishes like Champagne cream-poached oysters with leek confit and Michigan apple slaw. The restaurant also features diverse entertainment six nights a week, including open mike poetry readings, Hammond organ jam sessions and storytellers.

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If you are a big fan of jazz, you have to go to Cliff Bell’s! Originally the first-order “place to go” in downtown Detroit, it is one of the few bars in the city that still hosts live music.

In addition to the music, there is a great menu featuring items like honey, garlic and lavender-rubbed Michigan lamb loin chops with buttermilk smashed potatoes. The drink list is also diverse, with options that include the Conquest of Cosmos cocktail containing cachaca and apricot-infused bourbon.

Another art and booze experience, Willow, a new artisan cocktail bar in Detroit, pays homage to Southern hospitality. Located in a hidden alley, it is situated next door to upscale soul food eatery SavannahBlue.

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