Pablos Revenge Cannabis Strain

pablos revenge strain

A high-yielding and fast-flowering cannabis strain that is renowned for its intense, powerful high. Pablos revenge has a well-balanced ratio of buds to leaves, and is a good choice for commercial cultivation. This plant can grow to a medium height, but is able to achieve a higher yield when grown in a trellis or other support system.

This cannabis pablos revenge strain is not susceptible to fungal diseases and can withstand very high temperatures. It is also highly resistant to poor nutrition and pests, and is a good choice for indoor growing. It is recommended to use a nutrient-rich soil and an organic-based fertilizer for best results.

Pablos Revenge: The Potent and Uplifting Cannabis Strain with a Spicy Kick

The genetics of this marijuana strain were created by crossing a Haze x a Northern Lights hybrid (both feminized) and a White Widow. The resulting strain is a hardy, medium-length plant with a strong and dense structure that responds well to pruning, and will build many thick buds on the side branches during flowering.

Pablos revenge seeds can be used for both feminized and regular flowering. Feminized plants tend to hermaphrodites and can be grown indoors or outdoors, and can be harvested at any stage of growth.

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