The Single Dad’s Favorite – 49 and Market by 49 and Market

This new album from 49 and Market is called 49 and Me. It’s an album that spans many genres of music including rock, folk, alternative and country. On the inside pages of this double album, you’ll find a free download of the tracklist. This is a wonderful way to get a taste of 49 and Me before you purchase the CD. The band members have put out an excellent product that has been selling online for months.

The Single Dad’s Favorite – The demos and the single songs from 49 and Me include

49 and market

Another nice feature of the double album is the free mp3 download of the album cover. Included in the package are three loose album covers, four demos of songs from the album and four pictures from the album’s artwork. Imported from the United Kingdom. These are demos of songs from the album which can give you a good idea of what this diverse band has to offer.

The demos and the single songs from 49 and Me include “Big Kids,” “Reelin’ in the Years,” “Don’t Worry,” “Sail To Paris,” “Your Best Life,” “Wake Me Up When You Go to Sleep,” “I’m Gonna Sit on the Wall,” “Breathe Easy” and a favorite called “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” All of these songs have been recorded by the band themselves and some are favorites among fans. The tracks that were not covered on the original release are: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” “I’m Gonna Sit on the Wall,” “Breathe Easy,” “Your Best Life,” “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles,” “I’m Waiting,” “Hurt,” “Starry Night,” “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles,” and “I’m Waiting,” just to name a few. The band has covered a lot of territory on this album, making it something worth buying and listening to if you love country music.

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