Game Boy Advance

GBA games are a great way to get your kids interested in video gaming without them even realizing it. Kids these days tend to focus on having a fast internet connection, having fancy cell phones and having an endless supply of toys to play with instead of learning to enjoy the basics of video gaming. What can a parent do to help encourage their kids to learn about video gaming? Video games have always been a great way for children to learn basic concepts like problem solving, strategy and timing while engaging in the interactive fun with friends at the same time. Now, with the availability of GBA games that are compatible with the Game Boy Advance, this can be done right in the comfort of your own home.

gba games

Playing Older Game Titles On Your New Handheld

Nintendo developed, produced and sold the Game Boy Advance as the follow up to the popular Game Boy Color, a portable game system developed, manufactured and sold by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS. The Game Boy Advance was released in Japan in 2021 and in North America in 2021. The Game Boy Advance utilizes the same Advance Technology that was used in the original Game Boy Color, but was improving to bring about greater sound quality, higher resolution and the ability to be used in conjunction with the original Game Boy Color’s wireless adapter. Because the Game Boy Advance can be used to play a wide variety of older games, its backwards compatibility with older games became a very attractive feature for many parents. This made the Game Boy Advance a great option for kids who wanted to obtain a platform video game that would work well with their existing collection of video games. These parents also had the added benefit of being able to purchase the Game Boy Advance for their children at a price that was lower than purchasing a new handheld gaming system for the whole family.

Even though the Game Boy Advance has become a successful system, it is still not as widely available as other handheld consoles such as the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation. This is because of the fact that the Game Boy Advance requires the use of a wireless adapter to work with the console. While the Game Boy Advance did introduce some additional competition to the already saturated handheld gaming market, it is still tied down by the fact that the wireless adapter is much more expensive than the other systems. However, as handheld devices become more popular the Wii and Sony PlayStation will likely see lower sales as Game Boys will probably see an increase in sales.

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