CEO of LXMI Leila Janah

Before her untimely death, Yoga teacher and founder of the Leila janah Lxmi(Leadership Institute of Lithuanian Order of Monks) Institute of Lite Janah had written a book entitled “The Power Pause”. The Power Pause is a spiritual guide to helping people experience the changes they need to make in order to attract more success into their lives. She had also written an e-book on the same topic entitled “The Monks of Illumination”. Through these she had inspired many people around the world to help themselves achieve their success.

Master (Your) Ceo Of Lxmi, Leila Janah In 5 Minutes A Day

It was during the period when she wrote The Power Pause that she also wrote an eBook entitled “The Way of Illumination” that had similar content as her previous books. However it seems like there may be some dissimilarity between the way she wrote those books as compared to her recently authored “The Way of Illumination”. Either way, this doesn’t affect the effectiveness of her teachings as they are still as effective as ever. However, some people might have a hard time applying the principles taught in her book simply because they have yet to discover how they would be able to benefit from them.

I myself agree with those people who believe that it is better to use the tools or techniques presented by a person than to try to implement their ideas based on their own thoughts. After all, wouldn’t you want to learn everything you can about something before you start trying it out? Of course you would. The same principle applies when it comes to making the choice of following a spiritual leader or not.